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Frequently Asked Question About whole life insurance quote

term life insurance is used to replace in whole or part the economic value of human life for either family purposes or business purposes. In exchange for premium payments, the whole life insurance company agrees to pay a death benefit upon the death of the insured to the beneficiary named in the application for the policy. insurance insurance policies may provide other uses and benefits as well.

Do I need variable life insurance?

You need Life insurance if you want to provide financial protection for your dependents (or to your creditors) in the event of your death. A business may want to use variable life insurance to fund its employee benefit plans, protect against the premature death of a keyperson or to provide for business continuation.

The following are typical examples of family and business purposes to consider when assessing the need for insurance:

Dependent kids.

Dependent spouse and / or kids.

Credit enhancement.

Key person indemnification.

Business continuation.

Employee benefit plans.

Should one or more of these examples apply to you, the purchase of variable life insurance may be suitable for your needs.

How much variable life insurance do we need?

The amount of variable life insurance a person needs will depend on their own particular circumstances and the reasons for purchasing the plan. One approach to determine how much Life insurance you should purchase is to analyze the various needs of your family in the event of the death of a family member. whole life insurance may satisfy a number of these needs by providing a fund that can be used to:

Pay off an individuals last bills such as medical bills and funeral expenses;

Meet estate taxes and other expenses in settling an estate;

Provide life income for the spouse;

Pay off a mortgage;

Pay for the kidss education;

Provide funds for retirement;

Provide an income for the insurance policy holders mate to give the family time to readjust to a new standard of living;

Draw interest to provide funds for some special purpose; or

Provide a monthly income until the kids. are grown and out of school.

Thus, the current and future financial needs particular to your married person can be a significant consideration in determining the amount of insurance that is right for you. Another factor that may be taken into consideration in determining how much Life insurance you need is the amount of your annual salary.

What are the different types of Life insurance products available for purchase?

While there are many types and variations of term life insurance products available in todays marketplace, there are basically two types of whole life insurance: term insurance and permanent whole life insurance.

insurance provides death benefit protection for a certain period of time such as one or ten years. Death benefits are paid to the beneficiary only if the insured dies during that term period. Generally, term life insurance policies do not build up any cash values.

What considerations should I consider when selecting a term life insurance company?

There are two types of variable life insurance firms i.e. stock corporations and mutual organizations. Stock insurers are corporations owned by the shareholders of the corporation. Mutual insurers are owned by their plan owners who may receive a yearly dividend if one is declared by the companys board of directors. Both stock insurers and mutual insurers offer suitable packages for purchase.

What is an underwriter?

Underwriting is the process an whole life insurance corporation uses when it selects applicants it is willing to insure and determines the cost of providing coverage. There are common factors that whole life insurance organization may use to decide how much to charge you for the kind and amount of coverage you want to buy.

The variable life insurance company receives this information from your application, and may ask you to fill out a health questionnaire or have a health examination or certain medical tests. In addition, the company may request that you consent to the preparation of an investigative services report or a Medical Information Bureau (MIB) report.

It should be noted that there are varying levels of underwriting including full underwriting, simplified underwriting and guaranteed issue. Each type of underwriting impacts the premium rates to be charged. Ask your agent or the firm which type of underwriting is applicable to the plan you are interested in purchasing and what type of medical information, if any, needs to be provided.

Often group term life insurance is subject to different sorts of underwriting. In some cases, employees actively at work do not need to provide any medical information if they enroll within a specified period of time.

How do I compare different offers?

To compare the costs of purchasing a variable life insurance insurance policy, it is recommended that consumers obtain quotes for similar packages from different companys. Comparing costs only makes sense if you are comparing similar plan. Comparison of costs can become increasingly complicated when products include such non-guaranteed features as dividends or additional amounts. There is no guarantee that a company's past practices with respect to non-guaranteed details will continue.

Quotes for various products can be readily obtained from many sources, including local agents and brokers, telephone quote services and the cyberspace.


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